Spaceframe: Crossfield Class


OVERVIEW: Conceived of as a technical testbed to refine the displacement-activated spore hub drive invented by Federation scientists Stamets and Straal, the Crossfield class was developed with science and experimentation at the top of mind. That mission became even more critical when war with the Klingon Empire erupted the same year the first prototypes (the USS Glenn NCC-1030 and USS Discovery NCC-1031) entered service, and Starfleet became desperate for any possible advantage.

CAPABILITIES: In addition to the more traditional warp drive, the Crossfield class was specifically designed around the DASH drive, allowing it to access and travel through a subspace, galactic mycelial network. As such, a significant amount of the saucer section is dedicated to the performing the necessary action, requiring that much of the ship's living quarters and research facilities be located in the relatively expanded secondary hull. As a science vessel, the Crossfield class is unrivalled in the Federation fleet, with a wide range of customisation options available for the shipboard laboratories. In addition, the expanded shuttlebay allowed for multiple simultaneous shuttlecraft operations.

Crossfield class vessels are also capable of defending itself. Armed with phaser banks, as well as photon torpedoes, the ships able to contribute to the war effort, as required.

 Conn 8
 Computers 8
 Engines 9
 Sensors 8
 Structure 7
 Weapons 8

 Command --
 Conn --
 Security +1
 Engineering --
 Science +2
 Medicine --


 • Phaser Banks
 • Photon Torpedoes
 • Tractor Beam (Strength 4)

Crossfield-class starships have the following Talents:
 • Spore Drive
 • Modular Laboratories

Design Notes: I went in thinking of the Crossfield as a science ship / technical testbed, as that seems to be what it's design purpose was -- Saru mentions proudly that they'd set a new record for the number of possible discrete scientific missions with the Discovery -- hence the +2 to Science, and the Modular Laboratories talent. The +1 Security is a last minute addition because of the Federation suddenly finding itself at war, and because I think Lorca's the kinda guy who would push for that on his ship. The relatively low Structure system is based wholly on the design of the saucer section, which I do like, but does appear to have some significant weak spots. Similarly, the high Engines stat is due to the extra long nacelles, and the specific sort of research both the Discovery and the Glenn were conducting.
Giving the spaceframe Scale 5 is based on the length of the ship provided for the official Eaglemoss model, and it's appearance in the Star Trek Online video game; at 750.5 m the Crossfield is the longest Starfleet ship class in the Prime Timeline. Until a more official source contradicts the established size, the Discovery is remarkably large. Granted, much of that length is in the extended nacelles -- which is why I choose Scale 5 as opposed to 6 -- but even with those accounted for, it is still much larger than the Constitution, or even the Excelsior classes.